Sunday, August 5, 2012

Healthy To Go Products Review

I have been trying to loose weight for about a month now and was given the opportunity to try Green Coffee Bean Veggie Caps 60 count and Trim Energy Weight Loss with Green Coffee Bean.Both of which help burn fat and loose weight.Trim Energy Weight Loss with Green Coffee Bean is in powder form and you mix it with water 30 minutes before a meal.The flavor isn't that bad once you get used to it but has a strong taste the first week.I found that after using it for three week that it really gives me lots of energy.I use my a little differently though,instead of taking it before meals I take it first thing in the morning and then again 6 hour later in the day to keep me up and give energy.Green Coffee Bean Veggie Caps is  in pill form and has been helping me loose that fat.I take this one just a directed two times a day before a meal.It's easy to take with you on the go and take on schedule.I would definitely recommend Healthy to Go products to anyone trying to loss weight or get healthy because not only does Healthy to Go have weight loss medicine but also vitamins in easy forms such as powder,chews,and candies.

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  1. I like that they have vitamins too. The coffee bean sounds interesting!

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  3. Love acai berry! They are a LOVELY fruit. Good for your health! Now, were the green coffee beans effective?

    1. The coffee beans worked but I feel that the acai berry was more effective but things work differently on others.